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MySQL administration and development tool DreamCoder for MySQL Freeware 5.3 DreamCoder for MySQL Freeware is an excellent tool for managing the MySQL database server. This tool is ideal for people who are learning about the database and who need basic server functionality.

I failed connecting to remote mySQL server and missed tool for testing these problems:1. Is port 3306 open on my computer,2. Does remote DB is configured properly (is it listening port 3306).It may be separate application or single step in the installer. Something like PING would be handy tool working with remote servers.

Works perfectly and it\'s been realy usefull to administrate my server database, I find elements easly and relatively fast(by the way faster than some other tools I used before) and the editing is simple too.Greetings; Lyrik.

I started working with Rails / Ruby and I was needing a SQL client to create my data base and I found your software and until now it seems to me very good.Thanks for your interest.

it is a really good program. A SQL syntax analyser would be handy... where it analyzes the SQL code before it is put into work...I believe Squirel has that functionality...And since it is opensource you can look how they do it, and implement a function like that in your onw program.greetsKurt

Im know MS SQL Server quite good and started evaluating MySQL. I used dreamcoder for my first steps with MySQL. Until now it does not provide the same comfort as the SQL Server Management Studio and the error messages are not as helpful when I try to guess the correct SQL syntax. But nevertheless I was able to translate my SQL scripts from SQL Server to MySQL in a couple of houres. With some more knowlege about MySQL syntax this tool will be very helpfull.

While deleting your software (it was not what i needed) I was asked already to give my comment, which i did

Excellent GUI tool for MySQL administration. EMS SQL Manager for MySQL Freeware 4.5 EMS SQL Manager for MySQL Freeware (EMS SQL Manager Lite for MySQL) is an excellent freeware graphical tool for MySQL database administration. It has the minimal required set of tools for those users who are new to MySQL server and need only its basic functionality. Being a light edition, SQL Manager Freeware has certain restrictions: it can handle not more than 5 databases, the max size of one database should not exceed 100 MB, and some others.

i\'ll try, looks like very usefull :)thx

Powerfull Mysql admin.

Nice features. As compared to other MySQL client product this seems to have all the facilities needed. I would of course love to have it create an ERD graphical model from its keys and foreign keys.

EMS SQL Manager is a great software!It´s freeware version has a lot of features!But, when lost the connection with MySQL server, the software does not do an automatic reconnection.I need to close all tabs (queries, table infos) and refresh connection manually.Leandro Antonello

Excellent Programm The Programm is doing what ist promised.Easy Access to an existing database, Easy and comfortable administration, easy data manipulation.

Great product Excellent product, it helped me out of a very tight squeeze after someone hacked our websites and I needed a quick, fast and easy GUI based app to quickly restore and backup my databases while out of town on business.

MySQL administration and development tool DreamCoder for MySQL Free Edition 4.7 DreamCoder for MySQL Free Edition is a free graphical tool for database development and administration. DreamCoder for MySQL Free Edition enhances productivity and simplifies your database development and administration process with a functionality and friendly GUI.

I want to inform that I could not download the application since I was sent to a page where I had to register (for a second time, probable waiting for password, etc... ) so I result persuaded to abandon the try. If you want to give a download do not put trouble on it, please.

I just got the program the other day for some small database editing on localhost and I can safely say it\'s the best mySQL client I\'ve ever used. If anyone asks me for recommendations for a client I\'m absolutely going to recommend this.

Allowed me to back up a remote MySQL database which is exactly what I needed to do.

Opinion I removed it because it too often crashes. I tried to create an item "_FileName VARCHAR (256)" and I can't. Sometimes it is not possible to insert an item, you click many times anywhere and at the end you can ! Very very strange. On my web site I created the same table using phpadmin without any problem. I made this operation to verify that I was not making errors, but no. I was searching for a tool which could help me to locally create a database for my assembler programs, DreamCoder was free, I thought it was a good choice... For ...

Actually I deleted it from my system. I do not like programs always going to the Internet, plus adverts blah bla. While I appreciate the software to be free, in my opinion it is actually NOT free. To solicit someone to "advertise" your ware, or force adverts upon him is actually asking for a type of payment. Intimidation is in fact more expensive. Goods may have a price, but intimidation has no set price.

I am not a professional database writer but do run a few websites with MySql databases.I needed to change a text address value due to a database migration and would have needed to revise how to do this relatively simple function which would take me some considerable time. The last time I did this was 2 years ago.DreamCoder for MySQL Free Edition 4.7 allowed me to do this on a backup DB and reload in a matter of minutes which was really fantastic. I will now try and work out how to directly connect to the database for direct editing ...

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